Hi, I am Kirsten from Photo Studio Upstairs.

The Studio Upstairs  is a brand that values strong images and building strong businesses.  As a working Mum, I understand the daily pressures business owners face - feeding an army, cleaning the house, making a living (and that's only before 9am!). My job is to make growing your business that tiny bit easier, with standout images that make your product stand out from the competition. My favourite part of the job? Building meaningful connections with clients, bringing their creative visions to life and helping their businesses thrive. 

Photography has become one of the pillars of my life, with the ability to capture precious moments and lend itself to creating a strong brand personality. I have over  8 years experience working professionally as a photographer with clients such as Luna Tide Designs, Lazy Girl Lingerie, Gaviota and Gold Coast influencer Madeline May. I studied  photography in sunny Gold Coast before relocating to Cheshire UK where my studio is based.

My family are a huge part of why I do what I do - I want the freedom and flexibility of running my own business so I can support family while doing something that I love. When I'm not working, you'll find me  drinking coffee (or an espresso martini... depends on the time of day!), eating any carbs I can find, binge watching crime documentaries or running around after and loving life with my little girl Izzy. 

My philosophy?  Passion is what consumes your heart and mind - purpose is how you use that passion in a concrete way.



“Put simply, my business would not be what it is without Kirsten's photography. Amazing photos are what sell my product, and that is exactly what Kirsten delivers time after time.”

—Lazy Girl Lingerie

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